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Madloft embarked on an exhilarating journey with Vicimus, a trailblazer in automotive dealership technology software, to redefine their digital presence. Our mission was to create a website that mirrored Vicimus’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions.

Color & Material

Madloft strategically curated a color palette echoing innovation and reliability. Digital materials, featuring clean lines and high-resolution images, offered a tactile yet professional experience, embodying Vicimus’s commitment to clear, effective solutions.

Creative Deliverables


hrough a strategic fusion of design and functionality, we aimed to showcase their transformative technology in a visually compelling and user-centric platform. The goal was to craft an immersive digital experience that not only highlighted Vicimus’s suite of software solutions but also communicated their dedication to driving success for automotive dealerships.

Next Steps

Our role encompassed envisioning a dynamic interface, intuitive navigation, and captivating visuals, creating a digital gateway that resonated with industry professionals seeking streamlined and effective solutions. The website redesign aimed not just for aesthetics but as a catalyst for Vicimus’s continued success in revolutionizing automotive dealership technology.

“Partnering with Madloft for our website redesign was a game-changer for Vicimus. Their strategic approach to colors and materials reflected our brand's essence flawlessly.”

Michael FloranceCFO, Vicimus

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